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  • DriSMi @ Earpa FORM Forum 2023

  • DriSMi @ Polimi Open Campus

    The Driving Simulator DriSMi will partecipate to the event Polimi Open Campus. Come and discover Durando Campus – Politecnico di Milano, bring whit you your friends and your family! A day full of initiatives for adults and children: a volleyball tournament and other sports activities, lessons, theatrical performances and play corners for children, visits toRead More

  • DriSMi @ SUMO User Conference 2023

    Prof. Previati presented a conference proceeding at the SUMO User Conference 2023 in Berlin-Adlershof, Germany from 02-04 May 2023. Previati, G., & Mastinu, G. SUMO Roundabout Simulation with Human in the Loop. In Proceedings of the SUMO User Conference 2023, Berlin-Adlershof, Germany, 02-04 May 2023

  • Driving Simulator Management

    Driving Simulator Management

    We are pleased to announce that #DriSMi, Politecnico di Milano’s state of-the-art driving simulator laboratory, has launched a series of higher education courses on driving simulator management in collaboration with Danisi Engineering and VI-grade.  The DriSMi lab has been relying on a VI-grade DiM400 Cable-Driven Driving Simulator since 2021 to conduct performance studies for VehicleRead More

  • DriSMi @ RAI3 Leonardo

    Friday the 11th of November 2022 prof. Gianpiero Mastinu from MECCPolimi was interviewed by #Rai3 Leonardo. The focus was on the #Euro7 regulation. This is a series of principles that must subsequently be substantiated by specific regulations: it will be necessary to define standardized and validatedRead More

  • DriSMi @ Milano Digital Week 2022

    DriSMi @ Milano Digital Week 2022

    On the occasion of the Milano Digital week the Driving Simulator laboratory (DriSMi) of the Politecnico di Milano opens its doors to visitors on Saturday 12 November 2022. During the visit, national or European projects will be illustrated concerning the digitalization of activities related to the mobilityRead More

  • DriSMi @ DSC 2022 Europe VR

    DriSMi @ DSC 2022 Europe VR

    DriSMi attended the 21st Driving Simulation & Virtual Reality Conference and Exhibition in Strasbourg, France from 14th to 16th September 2022.

  • DriSMi @ EAWD 2022

    DriSMi @ EAWD 2022

    DriSMi attended the Electrification & All-Wheel Drive Congress 2022 with the presentation: Asperti, M., Vignati, M., Sabbioni, E., Melzi, S. “Driver Steering Torque Feeling due to Torque Vectoring Control” in Graz/Spielberg (AT).

  • DriSMi @ ASME IDETC/CIE 2022

    DriSMi @ ASME IDETC/CIE 2022

    Professor Gobbi attended the ASME IDETC/CIE 2022 conference in St. Louis, Missouri, presenting the paper: Gobbi, M., Mastinu, G., Melzi, S., Previati, G., Ronconi, L., Sabbioni, E. “A Driving Simulator for UN157 homologation activities.”; on the homologation activities of level 3 automated vehicles using the Driving Simulator.

  • Engineering Festival 2022

    Engineering Festival 2022

    In the second edition of the Engineering Festival 2022 organized by the Politecnico di Milano from 10th to 11th September 2022, the doors of the Engineering Laboratories will open.The now traditional successful POLIMIopenLABS format will affect the entire Bovisa Campus.The Departments ofRead More

  • DriSMi @ IN-VENTO 2022

    DriSMi @ IN-VENTO 2022

    DriSMi will attend the 17th Conference on Wind Engineering IN-VENTO 2022 from september 4th to 7th 2022 in Milano (Italy) with the paper: Prakash, A. R., Cioffi, A., Sabbioni, E., Vignati, M., Schito, P. “An analysis of truck-driver system response to crosswind in tunnel exit conditions“.

  • DriSMi @ AVEC 2022

    DriSMi @ AVEC 2022

    DriSMi will attend the 15th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control AVEC 2022 from september 12th to 16th 2022 in Kanagawa (Japan) with the paper: Prakash, A. R., Cioffi, A., Sabbioni, E., Vignati, M., Melzi, S. “Characterization of truck-driver system response to crosswind in tunnel exit conditions“.

  • DriSMi @ ATZ live plus 2022

    DriSMi @ ATZ live plus 2022

    DriSMi attended the ATZ live plus 2022 in Munich (Germany) with two papers: Professor Gobbi presented a study on the subjective/objective assessment of a cable-driven simulator immersivity and realism by non-professional drivers. Cheli, F., Gobbi, M., Melzi, S., Previati, G., Sabbioni, E., Somma, A., Del Linz, L., Minen, D. “Subjective/objective assessment of aRead More

  • Dynamis PRC @ DriSMi

    Thanks to the collaboration with MECCPolimi, Dynamis PRC and its drivers have had the opportunity to test the new driving simulator, DriSMi, created by Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with Regione Lombardia. Our drivers also get the chance to give their feedback to the experts to help develop it better. 

  • Large infrastructures – Politecnico di Milano

    DriSMi is a large infrastructure of Politecnico di Milano.

  • Autotecnica & DriSMi

    In the June 2022 magazine, Autotecnica told about DriSMi.

  • Alumni Mechanical Forum 2022

    Alumni Mechanical Forum 2022

    DriSMi attended the Alumni Mechanical Forum 2022, the first alumni event by the mechanical department of Politecnico di Milano.

  • Vi-Grade Zero Protype Summit 2022

    Vi-Grade Zero Protype Summit 2022

    DriSMi attended the Vi-Grade Zero Prototypes Summit 2022.

  • ITALTEL @ DriSMi

    As part of the AI@EDGE European project, on May 9th, a group from #ITALTEL visited the #DriSMi lab. The activities of the project are about interconnecting the driving simulator inside our lab with the new #5G infrastructure. The aim is to optimise traffic management at a roundabout when running both self-driving and traditional vehicles by 

  • & DriSMi told about DriSMi.

  • Meccanica Magazine 2022

    Meccanica Magazine 2022, the magazine of the mechanical department from Politecnico di Milano talks about DriSMi.

  • Dekra visits DriSMi

    Dekra visits the driving simulator DriSMi.

  • Joint Labs Pirelli and Politecnico di Milano

    Pirelli, Politecnico di Milano and Fondazione Politecnico di Milano signed for the “Joint Labs” focused on research projects for the tires’ innovation.

  • DriSMi @ ATZ live plus 2021

    DriSMi @ ATZ live plus 2021

    Professors Cheli and Mastinu from Politecnico di Milano, together with Professor Fossati from Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele presented a paper on the utilization of the driving simulators by non-professional drivers on the ATZ live plus 2021 – 12th International Munich Chassis Symposium. Cheli, F., Fossati, A. & Mastinu, G. Enhanced Immersive Reality through Cable-drivenRead…

  • Engineering Festival 2021

    Engineering Festival 2021

    DriSMi attended the Engineering Festival 2021 from Politecnico di Milano.

  • Marelli @ DriSMi

    #Marelli enjoyed a virtual ride of the Monza circuit at the Politecnico di Milano through a state-of-the-art simulator project (DriSMi), by providing its telemetry data analysis tool. This experimental simulator will be used to develop new technologies for assisted driving and to test new components.​ ​#MarelliMotorsport took part in theRead More

  • Virtual testing of Formula Cars

    Virtual testing of Formula Cars

    During the afternoon of Friday, 10 September 2021, DriSMi will host a special “Virtual Testing of Formula Cars” event. DriSMi is the new driving simulator center of the Politecnico di Milano, based on @VI-grade’s DiM400 Cable-driven Simulator. A new formula car cockpit has been realized by VI-grade and will be fitted on the simulator for…

  • DriSMi @ Vi-Grade’s Zero Prototypes Summit 2021

    DriSMi @ Vi-Grade’s Zero Prototypes Summit 2021

    Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, is currently conducting an extensive study of the suitability of the VI-grade cable-driven DiM400 Simulator installed at the Politecnico di Milano for trials with non-professional drivers.  At the 2021 VI-grade ZERO PROTOTYPES Summit, the team has already presented the first results of the study, focusing on self-reported emotions…

  • Style&Sport Magazine

    In the July 2021 magazine, Style&Sport Magazine told about DriSMi.

  • DriSMi @ RaiPlay

    Giorgio Previati, professor from Politecnico di Milano, told us about the DriSMi driving simulator.—Simulatore-di-guida-del-Politecnico-di-Milano-661b7470-29cf-43b0-a6ee-028b074699a6.html

  • Alumni Polimi & DriSMi

    MAP, the magazine from the Alumni association of Politecnico di Milano, told about DriSMi.

  • Non-professional driver on simulator

    Politecnico di Milano is now working with Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele on a study about “normal” drivers feeling and sickness during a simulation.  The study aims to explore a new field in automotive simulation, looking forward to the tests that will have to be made in order to make an autonomous vehicle comfortable.  45 “normal”…

  • Open Campus @ Drismi

    From the Open Campus Event: the Rector Ferruccio Resta shows to the Community of Politecnico di Milano the new Campus Bovisa Candiani. He is focusing on the first world installation of a DiM400, the most innovative driving simulator on the market nowadays.

  • DRISMI Webinars

    Introduction The Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano is working on a number of research projects that, funded by public bodies, need to be strenghtened by higher education activities. The research projects that are active are: ITS ITALY 2020, on: safe, sustainable and efficient transport (funded by European Community and National Government)LIS4.0,…

  • Il Sole 24 Ore & DriSMi

    Il Sole 24 Ore speaks about DriSMi.

  • Gazzetta dello sport & DriSMi

    Gazzetta dello sport told about DriSMi. Video.

  • Quattroruote & DriSMi

    Quattroruote about DriSMi.

  • DriSMi @ Aerovehicles4

    DriSMi @ Aerovehicles4

    DriSMi attended the Fourth international conference in numerical and experimental aerodynamics of road vehicles and trains Aerovehicles4 in Berlin (Germany) with the paper: Semeraro, F. F., Cioffi, A., Schito, P., Vignati, M., & Melzi, S. (2021). “A fully-automated and coupled CFD-driving simulator procedure for vehicle aerodynamic design“. In Fourth international conference in numerical andRead More