Highway Test

  • Research carried out in cooperation with Politecnico di Milano,Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele and VI-Grade
  • 30 non professional drivers (volunteers) characterised through questionnaires
  • Driving on a highway for approximately 10 km; long periods of ordinary driving with some events like road works, sudden traffic jam…
  • Monitoring driver physiological reactions (heart rate, skin conductivity), driving commands
  • Evaluation of immersivity and realism of the experience through questionnaires
Highway test, reacting to road-works

Controlling a van hit by side-wind

  • Analyze driver’s response to side wind when exiting a tunnel
  • Aerodynamic forces applied on the Van obtained from wind tunnel tests
  • Data collected with 28 drivers with different driving experiences

NVH Optimization

  • Reproduce the accurate vibration response on the simulator
  • Hexalift platform provides low-frequency vibration, 8 on-board actuators compensate for the high-frequency part
  • Optimize subsystems of the vehicle
  • Conduct subjective/objective evaluation on the simulator

Automated Vehicles, AI, 5G, EDGE Computing and Human in the Loop

  • Integration of an Edge Server which receives the data on the positions and velocities of all the actors in the roundabout, both autonomous vehicles and human driven, transmitted with 5G technology. Those data are used by an Artifial Intelligence System which give back to the autonomous vehicles all the information they need to takle the roundabout in a safe way
  • Analyze the latency effects on the communication between vehicles and infrastructures
  • Evaluation of the comfort of the driver in situations where there are both autonomous vehicles and human driven
  • Evaluation of the comfort of the passengers on the accelerations and brakes of the autonomous vehicles